Sunday, March 20, 2011

This is just so ridiculous, so silly, I can't stand it!!

This is our lovely fridge, nothing too exciting although I do like the glass doors and it's only a couple of years old.

Anyways, a short time ago, this little white plastic thing broke off the bottom of one of the doors and without it, the door doesn't swing close very well and needs a bit of a nudge. 
Here it is here, see how small it is and how non descript it is...

So I called the insurance people (thank goodness for extended warrantees!) and they sent a lovely man out who scratched his head a bit and ummed and ahhed and finally fixed it with a Westinghouse piece of non descript white plastic as an interim measure until he could get the right small non descript white plastic piece from the manufacturer of our fridge.

So that sounds easy...but no, and this is where it gets silly. 
That small white non descript piece of white plastic that is probably worth about 20c (and I'm being generous) isn't available on it's own and they are shipping out a whole NEW door at a cost of $1500 plus shipping and I have no idea what it costs to fit the new door.

I mean, seriously!!!!  So ridiculous I just can't stand it. 
All covered by our insurance but what are we doing with our world, it makes me sad!  Our perfectly fine fridge door will end up at the dump, all for the sake of a small white piece of plastic. Craziness :(

Hope you are all well :)
Have a happy day!


Anonymous said...

That is ridiculous, but how typical? Things just are built to last either. Someone somewhere is being paid a pittance to churn out little pieces of plastic for things we use everyday. Glad you're getting it sorted though. Crazy world we live in.

Lisa x

Karyn said...

Dont even get me started !!!
Karyn x

carla said...

Thats CRAZY!!!! Can they not see that themselves!?!?!?

Kellie Collis said...

I believe I speak for everybody when I say, "Huh?" Take it easy though, Kellie xx

Amanda said...

Goodness! Lucky it's covered by insurance :)

Natasha said...

That is totally insane. That kind of silliness is why we are being lumped with a carbon tax!

Thank God you are covered by insurance!

Best wishes and happy Wednesday!

Melissah said...

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B is building a house said...

That's jut insane!!!

Desire Empire said...

That is truly criminal. Theses businesses pay lip service to caring about he environment but the reality is a world away.

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