Sunday, March 20, 2011

This is just so ridiculous, so silly, I can't stand it!!

This is our lovely fridge, nothing too exciting although I do like the glass doors and it's only a couple of years old.

Anyways, a short time ago, this little white plastic thing broke off the bottom of one of the doors and without it, the door doesn't swing close very well and needs a bit of a nudge. 
Here it is here, see how small it is and how non descript it is...

So I called the insurance people (thank goodness for extended warrantees!) and they sent a lovely man out who scratched his head a bit and ummed and ahhed and finally fixed it with a Westinghouse piece of non descript white plastic as an interim measure until he could get the right small non descript white plastic piece from the manufacturer of our fridge.

So that sounds easy...but no, and this is where it gets silly. 
That small white non descript piece of white plastic that is probably worth about 20c (and I'm being generous) isn't available on it's own and they are shipping out a whole NEW door at a cost of $1500 plus shipping and I have no idea what it costs to fit the new door.

I mean, seriously!!!!  So ridiculous I just can't stand it. 
All covered by our insurance but what are we doing with our world, it makes me sad!  Our perfectly fine fridge door will end up at the dump, all for the sake of a small white piece of plastic. Craziness :(

Hope you are all well :)
Have a happy day!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday afternoon....after a busy week, I just couldn't wait for it to hurry up and get here...and it didn't disappoint...

Simple times, simple pleasures.
Hoping yours was as wonderful....have a great weekend everyone.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

With grateful thanks....

to the fabulous chateaudelille who passed on this award, I was truly both thrilled and surprised (and possibly ovewhelmed a teensy bit) to be included in a list of such gorgeousness.

With accepting this award, there are three rules ~
1) Thank and link back to the person whom awarded you
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Award great bloggers that you've recently discovered
4) Contact the above and tell them of the award

So the 7 things I share about me are -

  • I am an Early Childhood teacher (currently on leave)
  • I love lychees, seafood and really really good chocolate (but not all on the same plate!) but my guilty pleasure is hot chips eaten sans children!!
  • I love to cook and I read and collect cookbooks avidly the way some people read fiction novels, I love finding new recipes for gorgeous food and tweaking them to suit our tastes or coming up with my own ideas for fabulous food
  • but ....having said that, I will admit that I have been known at the end of a super busy day, to make bacon and eggs for dinner (oh the shame haha!)
  • there are rooms in my house I haven't blogged about because they are the rooms in my house where furniture goes to die
  • My favourite appliance is my KitchenAid mixer but I wish I had trusted my instincts and bought a white one (oh the regrets!)
  • I watch Escape to the Country every Friday and Sunday nights (but am really missing Catherine Gee!!)
And the blogs that I'd like to honour -


Plain Jane


Hope you are all having a gorgeous day,


                                              New table runner!!
I'm almost embarrassed to blog this morning.  In fact, I'm sneaking in, very very quietly!!
It's been soooo long.  But I just found a few quiet minutes in this mad house this morning and thought I'd jump on and catch up on a few blogs and then I thought I'd better catch up on my own!!

Still here, just been a bit busy is all, real life got in the way a bit, but it's all settling now as we're finding our feet in new routines and new rhythms!  I have taken leave from work for a spell, our oldest daughter changed schools and with all the usual chaos and madness that comes with having four children and a busy lifestyle, blogging took a back seat!

Hope you are all well, missed you very much!!

Off to catch up on you all,


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brisbane I am so very proud of you...

Courtesy of The Courier Mail

Look at you all, you wonderful people, 1000's of you lining up to register and volunteer to help with the huge clean up.  Although I don't live in Brisvegas anymore, I am so proud to say I come from Brisbane, we are of sturdy stock that's for sure but the best thing about us is that when the going gets tough, the tough get going and we all pitch in. 
Seriously, my heart literally sang when I woke up to these images. 
And when I heard the stories of people, literally strangers turning up in streets with utes and tools and saying "hey, how can I help"...or "hey, I have an esky filled with cold water bottles and sandwiches, you don't have power, how about you sit down for a while with a cold bottle of h2o and a salad roll, and let me take over for a bit"...well I could cry. 
Actually, maybe I did.

Go Brisbane!!!!!

And here at home, (but hardly blog worthy), after sorting through with the children lots of toys and clothes and kitchen items to donate and boxing these up, I spent the afternoon in the laundry room (our first blue day for a long time) and recent events just brought home to me that I should never ever feel complacent or take for granted the days when I can put white sheets on my line under a blue sky.

Brisbane, I send you all our strength and support.


eta - Oh goodness an update, ...Chateau De Lille has very generously passed on an award, I'll be back soon to update, thank you so much x

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Enough is enough...

I haven't any pretty pictures to post tonight.

No pretty words either.

Hardly any words at all really. 
What devastation SE Qld has seen.
I just read now of a family who lost their four year old in the floods today and my heart breaks for them.  I am so so sorry.  Their grief, I can't even begin to imagine.

And to Mother Nature or the gods or whoever it is who has some control over the weather, enough is enough.  Please.  No more.  There has been enough heatbreak, enough despair, enough loss.
It's enough.

My thoughts to everyone in SE Qld, especially in Toowoomba and surrounds, Ipswich and Brisbane.

Stay safe, keep your families safe.
Nothing is more precious.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011, it's here...

                                Oh look, a new use for driftwood pieces lol!

It's here, almost out of the blue (well the grey up here at least - it's raining again!).

(Thoughts to all those experiencing the flooding and isolation here in Queensland and I hope the sun shines for you very soon x and you find the relief you need so very much)

We've had the usual flurry that seems to happen at this time of year with family and friends so my poor blog has been sadly neglected (and may yet still be until school goes back) and I know it's customary to do the resolutions thing (but what's the point!  I'd love to say I'm going to eat less and exercise more, but I'd be wasting precious time and space!) but what I do want to do is to say thanks for the warm welcome to bloggy land.

I had lurked for a while on many many blogs before starting my own modest attempt in August and it wasn't until somebody posted that their copy of Coastal Living had arrived that I knew I had found my people! 
I don't know anyone who buys this magazine.  Not a soul.  In fact for a while there, I was the only one the local newsagency ordered this in for, but he tells me now he sells four copies a month at least (so maybe we should start a reading group or something my anonymous buddies!).

This is the first copy I ever bought waaaaay back in 1997 - yes, I know!.   I still  have it and it came to the surface in a brief but it's the new year, quick, clean up  frenzied tidy up.

It cost $US 3.95 and according to the cover, I paid $AU8 which I think was quite a fair sum for a magazine back then!

 It's the Christmas issue, 1997 and I bought it on a whim because I liked these pages.  And all these years later, I still like them.

Timeless really.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you too are spending time with friends and family :)

So thanks again for the warm welcome to this lovely world, I love reading your blogs and am a very happy follower indeed, cheers x