Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So this room caused a lot of contention (but not between the builder and I, although we definitely had our fair share of argy bargy lol) but between Husband and I (and then later, ....the owner of the pool table shop and I - I don't think he's recovered yet!).
Husband really wanted a pool room - "for the children" - hmm, yep sure, "for the children haha" and to be honest I really did not want one - they just always seem very dark and traditional with that dark green felt and the dark timber and turned legs (been there, done that look, was going for a different look with this house) and I have only seen a few that looked good and those were in homes where the word "budget" was not uttered very often!.  But I did give in eventually (it's his house too!), as long as I had full control over the colours (not green, not green, not green I chanted!)
I think this turned out ok, I had a budget for the room but once the pool table was designed, built and delivered, well that was my budget gone!

The bifold doors were essential, just to open it up.  I always had the episode of Seinfeld in the back of my mind - you know the one, where George's Dad turns a bedroom into a pool room and they are constantly knocking into the walls with their cues!  So space was essential as was keeping the "theme".

The pool table I designed (and that sounds very grand) but really I just showed them what sort of legs I wanted (straight legs please), the colour of the felt (no traditional green please!!) and that I wanted it painted white. 
The poor guy nearly fell over - "white!!"...."what the?!?!"

He did do his best to talk me into every stain he had - cedar, oak, baltic pine, "what about this nice mahogany" - but I held firm, no, no, NO! 
He conceded in the end the poor man, he had no fight left in him - he had never ever made a white pool table before!!  I got the impression at delivery that he was quite pleased it was all over!
The colour of the felt is called "sand" btw - very apt I thought!

Excuse the little fairy dancing through!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Bit off topic lol but I bought this gorgeous cake tin yesterday and so today we just had to bake!
I love baking with my littles- they love it so much and get so involved - smells so good too lol!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Splashing out...

This is our outdoor shower - not really in the spot I had intended it to be in (and this is what happens when you build - things get plonked down "just for now" and then seem to take root, never to be moved again lol), but the kids love it and it's brilliant in the warmer weather for rinsing off the sand and salt after a morning at the beach.
Loving this weather!
Cheers :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Let there be light!

This is where I am sitting right now....:)
I love this room, it's so light, something at least that went right in the build (and believe me, lots went wrong!) - I wanted this room to be light all day.  It faces north and the light also reflects off the pool so it is always just lovely in here.  It was such a relief - the house we were renting while we built had the darkest family room ever - we had to have the lights on all day - we used to call it the cave lol
This one though - it's the anti-cave - I have even been known to wear my sunnies to breakfast!
Cheers :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Found it!

Found! One kitchen!

So I really really love the stone top - it has shells in it, so really fit in with our theme and it's nice and thick.  Hate the tap mixer though, the number of broken wine glasses we have had on that thing, grrrrr!!
I also am in love with my Kitchenaid - wasn't sure about the green when I bought it.  I loved the green (and still do) but wondered if I'd be trading it in for a white one sometime soon,  but it always looks fresh and gives that splash of colour as they say, to what would otherwsie be a very white kitchen!

Oh and look, more shells, what a surprise lol.  Our three year old found these a few weeks ago and they've been there ever since.

Still can't find the kitchen....

It's normally so tidy but this week it seems to have disappeared under layers of stuff so am off to tidy it now so I can take a pic!  In the meantime, here's another kitchen, but it belongs to my 4 year old lol - like it?

Pretty cool I think!
Back soon with a kitchen pic (mine this time!).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh and on the other end....

...of that buffet are these.....

...the beach sign came from Ebay, the Freedom print above from Ebay (oh I do love Ebay) and the little sand coloured bunnies are Royal Doulton and were an Easter gift for the girls from my mother in law :)
Cheers :)

A few of my favourite things... today I was going to post a photo of my kitchen but it seems to have disappeared under the afternoon onslaught of school bags, lunch boxes and early dinner prep lol so I will have to save it for another the meantime here are a few of my favourite things.

Some shells my husband found at Double Is Point one memorable fishing weekend, some driftwood my Mum found in the canal near her home, a photo of my girls on our beach, some more shells including one owned by my Mum as a child, and some other bits and pieces - probably should arrange this so it looks more appealing! But it stands for the moment as it is, a collection of memories!
Thanks for stopping by :)
Noosa Mum

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So let's get started....

So here's a pic for today, actually I might even post a few, just for the fun of it and because it's all still a novelty!
This is the view from our family room out towards the pool.  I love the sofa, we actually have two of these - just lovely oversized squishy sofas, I love them.  The fabric is from Warwick.

And this is the corner window that looks out towards the pool from the dining area.  The butlers tray was one of a pair, I originally used them as bedside tables but they were too nice to hide away so now does duty holding our cutlery and so forth.  I just love corners and I love the way this one gives a glimpse of the pool and the water feature  :)
Thanks for stopping in :)

So here I am....

Goodness, this is a bit overwhelming but I can't wait to get started!
So why am I here - well we built a house in Noosa two years ago and somewhere, somehow along the way amidst all the usual disasters and stresses that seem to go hand in hand with building a house, we just stopped finding any joy in the house and the building process. When we finally moved in, instead of feeling like we were on cloud nine, we were left feeling deflated, exhausted and just a bit 'blah" about the whole thing - and that was upsetting in it's self!
Where was the excitement of moving into a brand new house, where was the feeling of accomplishment, the pride in our beautiful new home??  I did try really hard, but that sense of joy was gone, and I really want to get it back!!
So it's all finished now, the garden are established, and now that it is all over, I want to remind myself that our home is gorgeous and that it was all worth it, so I am going to blog about the things in my house that I love and try to fall in love it like I know I should have.
Thanks for stopping by if you do,
Cheers :)