Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So I really do love my ensuite -  I really do, I'd just like to have more time to actually spend IN it. And this is my bath.  Yes it's mine, allll mine bwahahaha!
Well no, in actual truth, the littlies have bathed in there nearly every night since we moved in.  There's a perfectly lovely bath in the main bathroom but it remains neglected (oh and clean so that's a side benefit I guess!). I think I have had 5 baths in here in nearly 2 years - and that was so not the plan. 
Funny how things work out hey! xx 

So here's our backyard.
Well our Sunday backyard anyway!
If only it was our real backyard but it IS where we head most Sundays, it's only minutes from home, but accessable only by 4wd or by boat so we share it with very few, but if we are early enough and really lucky....we are the only ones there - bliss!  I just love it when Husband cuts the motor and we just sort of drift in so very quietly and I can see the children already looking along the sand, seeking out adventures and treasures in the promise of the day - it's heaven.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Too busy today caught up in school holiday activities and trying to find things to keep everybody amused on this rainy day to take any special pics so here's just a few pics from around my house that I took another day - nothing particularly artfully arranged though sorry, I really need to spend more time doing that and not just throwing stuff on a side table or the dresser in a mad rush as I go and then hoping with crossed fingers that there will be time later to come back and make it look pretty!. 
I was browsing some of my favourite blogs today and your homes all look so very gorgeous, I'm really quite in awe - obviously no throwing stuff on side tables for you hahaha!. And big huge thanks to everybody who takes a second out of their busy lives and spends it looking at my blog even for just a moment - it's always such a nice surprise to see a comment - thank you xx

Everything in this box of treasures has been found by my family on our beaches.  I often see gorgeous beachy things in the shops that I love and would look gorgeous in here but as as lovely as they are, each of these little treasures has a story to go with it (eg remember the day we went to the North shore and it started to rain....) - makes them a bit special!  The kids love finding bits and pieces to pop in the box!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

So here's where we dine - that sounds civilised doesn't it, far more civilised than it actually is with four kids lol!

These long windows caused some sleepless nights and to tell the truth I'm not sure we got it right in the end after all that angst.  Originally this was just going to be a wall behind the dining table but I knew I wanted more natural light.  Then we added a large picture window (well that's what I think it was called, it was just a large pane, fixed, didn't open) and then it turned into two and then three skinny vertical windows. Then we toyed with louvres but we hadn't sited the pool and we had to keep the pool fence in mind and how that might influence what form our windows took (more sleepless nights). Then the three windows arrived on site, but there had been an error somewhere and they were actually the wrong size but we kept them anyway (sometimes when you build it's just easier to say whatever just to keep things moving along!  We found so many times that hold ups that should only cause short delays could turn into delays that meant a site empty of any tadies for weeks!Gah!)

Oh and here are some placemats I found in Sydney last weekend.  I was so pleased to see them, been looking for some for a while that weren't too beachy cute iykwim and these were perfect :)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Haven't blogged for a little while.  We swapped our sun, sand and surf for some of this.....

Kids declared it the "the best holiday ever!" and Victoria certainly turned on the snow for us - best snow in 20 years we were told!

*sigh* - why do holidays have to come to an end??