Saturday, September 18, 2010

So here's where we dine - that sounds civilised doesn't it, far more civilised than it actually is with four kids lol!

These long windows caused some sleepless nights and to tell the truth I'm not sure we got it right in the end after all that angst.  Originally this was just going to be a wall behind the dining table but I knew I wanted more natural light.  Then we added a large picture window (well that's what I think it was called, it was just a large pane, fixed, didn't open) and then it turned into two and then three skinny vertical windows. Then we toyed with louvres but we hadn't sited the pool and we had to keep the pool fence in mind and how that might influence what form our windows took (more sleepless nights). Then the three windows arrived on site, but there had been an error somewhere and they were actually the wrong size but we kept them anyway (sometimes when you build it's just easier to say whatever just to keep things moving along!  We found so many times that hold ups that should only cause short delays could turn into delays that meant a site empty of any tadies for weeks!Gah!)

Oh and here are some placemats I found in Sydney last weekend.  I was so pleased to see them, been looking for some for a while that weren't too beachy cute iykwim and these were perfect :)

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Life in the Country Lane said...

A gorgeous dining room.. I love the light and the long windows. The views are everywhere to the outside, which I love.Great placemats too. Looks like you had a great time away in the snow. Have a lovely Sunday.

MelsRosePlace said...

I've just discovered your blog and you have similar taste to that outdoor campaiging for one ! Mel xx

Noosa Beach House said...

Thanks girls for your lovely comments and good luck Mel in your campaign - be ruthless lol, it will be worth it!!

tea with lucy said...

We're contemplating owner-building a home next year. All this talk of sleepless nights gives me cold feet!!