Monday, September 20, 2010

Too busy today caught up in school holiday activities and trying to find things to keep everybody amused on this rainy day to take any special pics so here's just a few pics from around my house that I took another day - nothing particularly artfully arranged though sorry, I really need to spend more time doing that and not just throwing stuff on a side table or the dresser in a mad rush as I go and then hoping with crossed fingers that there will be time later to come back and make it look pretty!. 
I was browsing some of my favourite blogs today and your homes all look so very gorgeous, I'm really quite in awe - obviously no throwing stuff on side tables for you hahaha!. And big huge thanks to everybody who takes a second out of their busy lives and spends it looking at my blog even for just a moment - it's always such a nice surprise to see a comment - thank you xx

Everything in this box of treasures has been found by my family on our beaches.  I often see gorgeous beachy things in the shops that I love and would look gorgeous in here but as as lovely as they are, each of these little treasures has a story to go with it (eg remember the day we went to the North shore and it started to rain....) - makes them a bit special!  The kids love finding bits and pieces to pop in the box!


Life in the Country Lane said...

Some gorgeous items on display. The collected treasures are always the most beautiful, especially having a memory behind them. A lovely post. Have a lovely week.
Rebecca x

My Striped Seaside said...

beautiful piccies..and I had to laugh about your Target/cushion comment. Can just see you there in the morning ! Mel xx