Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Relish?  Sauce? Semi dry?

We have more cherry tomatoes than we know what to do with now and they are so very sweet and so very delish.  I'm googling this morning though looking for recipes to use some up, I think I might try my hand at relish - any pointers?!?

You know, I am seriously amazed that in this soil (that is more sand than dirt) and that still coughs up the odd brick or broken roof tile every now and again, that we can grow such lusciousness - ha, is that even a word?  I'm really loving it, the kids love it and I love that we can walk outside and ta da - a salad in about five minutes.  It's all tucked away behind one side of the house that otherwise would probably not have seen much use anyway.
We pick at least this many everyday, sometimes more even.

 And look at the cucumbers now, they have spilled over on to the lawn.  I really didn't think these were going to work out - we're picking one a day now, it's lucky we love salads! Miss 2 eats them like apples!

 And our new "crop" haha (there's only two!) - rockmelons, have to see how these go, this was more of a let's see what happens experiment than anything!  We had lots and lots of flowers but only two kept going.
 And I wonder if anyone knows anything about mangoes??  I'm expecting these to fall off really but secretly crossing my fingers that they won't. 
And to leave you with...this container was half full from this mornings "pick" (see I'm taking up farmer lingo already lol) and by the time I'd fetched the camera, Miss 2 had scoffed the lot!

Have a great day, hope the sun is shining where you are as brightly as it is here!


Tina said...

WOW!! We have seedlings from the nursery but have not yet planted them in the garden! this fabulous post has just inspired me to get ours into some soil quick smart! Love ALL of your vegies, especially zucchinis:D You certainly have a green thumb!! ~ Tina xx

Trish @ A dream house for Trish said...

mmmm fresh home grown tomatoes, nothing tastes better...my 3 yr old gobbles them up like a strawberry, we buy punnets just for her, can't wait til ours are ready to eat!!!

GeorgyG design said...

Love cherry tomatoes and grew a lot last year. Unfortunately since then we have discovered our two year old is allergic. Even so Hubby and I eat them after he has gone to bed and love to make a salsa with them, avocado, spring onion, capsicum and a little olive oil, over the top of roast potato. Very yummy. G

GeorgyG design said...

By the way just read your profile and found it very honest and interesting. We are renovating at the moment and it has only just started but already hard, trying to enjoy the process. Love the photos too, beautiful. G