Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011, it's here...

                                Oh look, a new use for driftwood pieces lol!

It's here, almost out of the blue (well the grey up here at least - it's raining again!).

(Thoughts to all those experiencing the flooding and isolation here in Queensland and I hope the sun shines for you very soon x and you find the relief you need so very much)

We've had the usual flurry that seems to happen at this time of year with family and friends so my poor blog has been sadly neglected (and may yet still be until school goes back) and I know it's customary to do the resolutions thing (but what's the point!  I'd love to say I'm going to eat less and exercise more, but I'd be wasting precious time and space!) but what I do want to do is to say thanks for the warm welcome to bloggy land.

I had lurked for a while on many many blogs before starting my own modest attempt in August and it wasn't until somebody posted that their copy of Coastal Living had arrived that I knew I had found my people! 
I don't know anyone who buys this magazine.  Not a soul.  In fact for a while there, I was the only one the local newsagency ordered this in for, but he tells me now he sells four copies a month at least (so maybe we should start a reading group or something my anonymous buddies!).

This is the first copy I ever bought waaaaay back in 1997 - yes, I know!.   I still  have it and it came to the surface in a brief but it's the new year, quick, clean up  frenzied tidy up.

It cost $US 3.95 and according to the cover, I paid $AU8 which I think was quite a fair sum for a magazine back then!

 It's the Christmas issue, 1997 and I bought it on a whim because I liked these pages.  And all these years later, I still like them.

Timeless really.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you too are spending time with friends and family :)

So thanks again for the warm welcome to this lovely world, I love reading your blogs and am a very happy follower indeed, cheers x


Karyn said...

Welcome back ! I have been neglecting my blog too , but mainly to the slow speed my computer is going it takes hours to download the pictures. That is what I am going to rectify this week.
I am going to rush off to the newsagent to see if I can order a copy of coastal living.
Hasnt the rain in Qld changed our whole feeling of the summer holidays ?
Looking forward to your posts this year.
Karyn x

Stripes by the Seaside.. said...

awww...welcome back. I tried to see if i could subscribe to that magazine but sadly they don't to Australia! I went back to work on Tuesday so now my poor blog will be neglected as well ! Keep enjoying the summer (summer?) Mel xx

theoldboathouse said...

I agree those pages are beautiful!! Happy New Year! cheers Katherine

Lisa said...

I've wondered about trying to get a subscription to Coastal Living. I only discovered it on the web. Looking at your 1997 issue, it has to be one of the few home decor mags that hasn't really dated.
Don't talk your blog down, I love it, and I'm sure there are plenty of lurkers that do too. As relatively new bloggers, we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to achieve a certain standard. I know I worry a bit about that sometimes. I was first attracted to your blog because of your down to earh honesty, and your beautiful home. Sorry, I'm writing a novel here lol...anyway, I pondered your words in your profile about the anti-climax we all feel sometimes when we achieve our dream. It happens to everyone sometime. I think it's great that it moved you to begin blogging. Don't worry too much about neglecting it. Family and friends, heck life is more important. All your loyal readers will still be here when things aren't so hectic. Have a wonderful day.
Lisa x

simpledaisy said...

Just found your blog and LOVE it!!
Happy New Year to you:)

Karena said...

Sometimes we just need a little break.... I am so excited about 2011!!

Come and see my message!

Art by Karena

Romana said...

welcome back! hope you have had a great rest - it is hard to "waste" time blogging when there are family and friends to chin-wag with!
Romana :)

Belle Inspirations said...

Sending Best Wishes your way for 2011, let's hope there's more sunshine than rain this year,as I can't wait for the next sunny day so I can visit beautiful noosa. Have a great weekend!

laura said...

I would love to get subscriptions to coastal living... Must check if i can orderit in my local newsagant... you never know!
hugs, laura x

simmone said...

Oh my goodness!I have a few magazines from 1997,I really need to save the fav pics not the whole magazine though.Just shows,once you like a pic you keep liking it. Love those pics.Stay dry!!

chateaudelille said...

Lovely to find you. Isnt it wonderful how some of our mags we have collected over time still look great and can inspire us all over again!Fiona

angelo h said...

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