Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm almost embarrassed to blog this morning.  In fact, I'm sneaking in, very very quietly!!
It's been soooo long.  But I just found a few quiet minutes in this mad house this morning and thought I'd jump on and catch up on a few blogs and then I thought I'd better catch up on my own!!

Still here, just been a bit busy is all, real life got in the way a bit, but it's all settling now as we're finding our feet in new routines and new rhythms!  I have taken leave from work for a spell, our oldest daughter changed schools and with all the usual chaos and madness that comes with having four children and a busy lifestyle, blogging took a back seat!

Hope you are all well, missed you very much!!

Off to catch up on you all,



Anonymous said...

Welcome back, missed you too. Lifes like that. (Sorry I didn'et let you sneak back in too quietly.)

Lisa x

Natasha said...

I know what you're saying! Life has been crazy here too. Glad to see that all has been well for you.

Have a fabulous week!

Best wishes,

My Secret Rooms said...

Nice to see posts from you! Congrats on the award :-)