Sunday, October 24, 2010

I still love it - best movie set ever!

I had to stay up last night, even though I was so very tired, but Something's Gotta Give was on and oh my, do I love love that house!  I've seen it maybe a dozen times but it still gives me pleasure and the 'I wannas", I'll never be tired of it.  The quintessential Hamptons Beach House!
I roughly know the story line, but can give you every detail of the living room and kitchen lol!
Just so much to love. Best movie set ever!
eta - I was just reading that after filming, the producers sold all the furnishings and decor items on Ebay for charity - oh gosh, can you imagine!

Have a lovely lovely day x


Laura said...

I watched this movie the other week (with the hubby moaning throughout)... I've watched it a zillion times... that, The Holiday and The Family Stone... I'm in love with the houses in all of them! Lx

Life in the Country Lane said...

Im with you..I posted about the same thing when I first started blogging, and see it pop up now and again. A great movie, but love to check out the decor at the same time. Her bedroom is my dream.
Rebecca x

My Striped Seaside said...

I agree with you - its wonderful. I think the same designer did the set for Its Complicated and I drooled over that house too. xx

Tina said...

Oh I am going to have to join the ladies above!! This is without a doubt my dream home!! that dining room gets me every time!! OK and all the other rooms as well:) thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE yours:) ~ Tina x

My Secret Rooms said...

What a coincidence: I also wrote about this wonderful beautiful movie set! I just love it.

You seem to have a very lovely and enjoyable home, also. I'll definately come back here :-)