Friday, October 29, 2010

It's ok, I won't be offended, you can say it....'s too early!  It's still October!

Yes, I know it is, I know, I know, I know! 
But I bought some decorations this past week (thanks to the lovely Mel) and I stashed them under the stairs.  But then I brought them out to show my daughter and then they just sort of stayed out (too pretty to put away in the dark lol) and then I bought a Christmas tree yesterday -( just a little one mind, even I know it's too early to get the "big one" up) - and then I thought I'd better put said tree together to make sure I liked it, and well then.......

And look at this shell I found down on the Spit this week, ready made for hanging on the tree - if only I'd found 20 of them!

Have a lovely Saturday :)


theoldboathouse said...

I love the idea of using shells on the tree. It reminds me of a lovely hanging decoration with fairy lights Simone at Beach Vintage did last Christmas for a project day which you would love and would be perfect for your house. Hope you have a great weekend, cheers Katherine

Tina said...

They are all gorgeous! I love the linen heart and the little white lovely!! How fabulous that you also found such a perfect shell:) I don't think there is anything wrong with putting up your Chrissy decorations early, especially when they are as lovely as yours:) I might join you next weekend!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

Laura said...

I started picking up tree decorations when we were on our vacation at Cape Cod in July!!! It all looks beautiful! Lx

Raine and Sage said...

I must say it is TOO early, but I love your enthusiasm. Your tree ornaments are great, and I love that shell! :) x

Natasha said...

No wonder I love visiting here so much....I have started decorating our home already and our tree is going up this weekend!

Happy decorating!

Best wishes,
PS I just bought a couple of those same decorations from Myer!