Tuesday, October 19, 2010

 Sunshine Beach, this afternoon, after school.

                   Some treasure collecting..
          Some brother chasing...that's what big brothers are for after all!
                Some dune jumping (we do love a good dune jump!)
                                      Some wave watching.

Now .....look just below the horizon, ...now squint your eyes a bit, now a little bit more, ...now maybe close one eye a little lol - see that white splashy bit?  It's a whale!
Thank you whale, you made our afternoon.

Have a great night x


Kerri said...

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon hey? How lucky to have all this on your doorstep. And whale watching as well - you did have a good day! K xx

Kyandra said...

How exciting... a whale...just looooove your home and your beautiful backyard..have a lovely week Kym XOX

Miss Sew & So said...

lovely to have found you....
just reading your thoughts on your house in noosa has made me want to join you in your journey to fall in love with your house...
i am in love with noosa- so i'm sure its not going to be too hard!! :)

we are living in the english countryside with our 3 gorgeous aussie kiddos- so any image of our beach life at home is just lovely!

melissa x

Laura said...

Beautiful pictures. The hubby and I shared a wonderful time in Noosa... We even make a breakfast we call 'Noosa Breakfast'... Lx

My Striped Seaside said...

We LOVE Sunshine Beach and went there on holidays for many years! Beautiful neck of the woods. Now you MUST go to Bed, Bath & Table if you have one up there as they have the most divine beachy xmas decorations. I just bought a bundle and will blog about it soon but wanted to give you the heads up (sorry more spending lol), Mel xxx

Trish said...

How beautiful to have this so close to your home, looks like fun times!!
P.s I love your oars, they suit your home perfectly, what a great bargain!!!