Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brisbane I am so very proud of you...

Courtesy of The Courier Mail

Look at you all, you wonderful people, 1000's of you lining up to register and volunteer to help with the huge clean up.  Although I don't live in Brisvegas anymore, I am so proud to say I come from Brisbane, we are of sturdy stock that's for sure but the best thing about us is that when the going gets tough, the tough get going and we all pitch in. 
Seriously, my heart literally sang when I woke up to these images. 
And when I heard the stories of people, literally strangers turning up in streets with utes and tools and saying "hey, how can I help"...or "hey, I have an esky filled with cold water bottles and sandwiches, you don't have power, how about you sit down for a while with a cold bottle of h2o and a salad roll, and let me take over for a bit"...well I could cry. 
Actually, maybe I did.

Go Brisbane!!!!!

And here at home, (but hardly blog worthy), after sorting through with the children lots of toys and clothes and kitchen items to donate and boxing these up, I spent the afternoon in the laundry room (our first blue day for a long time) and recent events just brought home to me that I should never ever feel complacent or take for granted the days when I can put white sheets on my line under a blue sky.

Brisbane, I send you all our strength and support.


eta - Oh goodness an update, ...Chateau De Lille has very generously passed on an award, I'll be back soon to update, thank you so much x


Julienne said...

I've been crying for a week!
Australians all, are pretty wonderful,
but what they are doing in Brisbane is just beautiful and here come the tears again!!

Laura said...

I've been following this with the hubby, both with hands over mouth, in shock. Australia is so dear in our hearts and seeing it take such a beating as been painful to watch. The clean up will be messy (we too suffered floods here last March), and slow, but it will emerge more bright and beautiful. Lx

Anonymous said...

So thankful for people who're able to be there to help. Wish we were closer. Everyone's doing a fantastic job. Good on them all.

Lisa x

P.S. glad you're getting some rays.

Raine and Sage said...

What a beautiful post, and thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for your beautiful offer and remembering me. We have been so fortunate and espcaped despite so many around us. Your images are beautiful! Sonia xx

Holli said...

What a beautiful post.... I have been watching the devastation in Brisbane.... so sad but I'm happy to know they are pulling through it!

theoldboathouse said...

I hope we all stick in there after the initial push to clean up.It is important we remember after the mud is cleaned up comes the real hard work of rebuilding lives. Love the shot of your sheets, that blue is just fantastic, cheers Katherine

Amanda said...

I've found all the tales of strangers helping strangers so heartwarming too.

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello! I am wiping tears from my eyes at the stories from Brisbane..! Isn't it amazing how people pull together when it really counts! It is so encouraging that something good always seems to rise from something bad.

I loved this post... Such a wonderful introduction to your blog. I became an instant follower and have put you on my blogroll so that I don't loose track.

Hugs of pride for your beautiful Brisvegans! :)

x Charlotta

Krystal Barnett said...

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