Friday, August 20, 2010

Let there be light!

This is where I am sitting right now....:)
I love this room, it's so light, something at least that went right in the build (and believe me, lots went wrong!) - I wanted this room to be light all day.  It faces north and the light also reflects off the pool so it is always just lovely in here.  It was such a relief - the house we were renting while we built had the darkest family room ever - we had to have the lights on all day - we used to call it the cave lol
This one though - it's the anti-cave - I have even been known to wear my sunnies to breakfast!
Cheers :)


Life in the Country Lane said...

A gorgeous room. Love the tiles and the shutters, they provide a great canvas to put whatever you want in the room and change it as you wish. The sofas are beautiful too. Youve done a great job. Have a lovely weekend.
Rebecca x

Noosa Beach House said...

Oh thank you so much, it's so lovely of you to comment. Hope you had a great weekend yourself, cheers :)

Kerri said...

Actually, this picture of your gorgeous home has just made one of my decorating decisions much easier, so thank you! We have a cut-out between our living room and kitchen, and I've been thinking of using plantation shutters there - and your pic just decided things for me. Just lovely. K xx