Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So this room caused a lot of contention (but not between the builder and I, although we definitely had our fair share of argy bargy lol) but between Husband and I (and then later, ....the owner of the pool table shop and I - I don't think he's recovered yet!).
Husband really wanted a pool room - "for the children" - hmm, yep sure, "for the children haha" and to be honest I really did not want one - they just always seem very dark and traditional with that dark green felt and the dark timber and turned legs (been there, done that look, was going for a different look with this house) and I have only seen a few that looked good and those were in homes where the word "budget" was not uttered very often!.  But I did give in eventually (it's his house too!), as long as I had full control over the colours (not green, not green, not green I chanted!)
I think this turned out ok, I had a budget for the room but once the pool table was designed, built and delivered, well that was my budget gone!

The bifold doors were essential, just to open it up.  I always had the episode of Seinfeld in the back of my mind - you know the one, where George's Dad turns a bedroom into a pool room and they are constantly knocking into the walls with their cues!  So space was essential as was keeping the "theme".

The pool table I designed (and that sounds very grand) but really I just showed them what sort of legs I wanted (straight legs please), the colour of the felt (no traditional green please!!) and that I wanted it painted white. 
The poor guy nearly fell over - "white!!"...."what the?!?!"

He did do his best to talk me into every stain he had - cedar, oak, baltic pine, "what about this nice mahogany" - but I held firm, no, no, NO! 
He conceded in the end the poor man, he had no fight left in him - he had never ever made a white pool table before!!  I got the impression at delivery that he was quite pleased it was all over!
The colour of the felt is called "sand" btw - very apt I thought!

Excuse the little fairy dancing through!


Life in the Country Lane said...

Good on you for sticking to what you really want. A great 'man cave' item in the heart of the house! The colors look great. Love those tiles.

Shayne said...

Ooh, its great! Love it :)

Sharon said...

Love the look of the bifolds but have always wondered about the insect factor?