Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So here I am....

Goodness, this is a bit overwhelming but I can't wait to get started!
So why am I here - well we built a house in Noosa two years ago and somewhere, somehow along the way amidst all the usual disasters and stresses that seem to go hand in hand with building a house, we just stopped finding any joy in the house and the building process. When we finally moved in, instead of feeling like we were on cloud nine, we were left feeling deflated, exhausted and just a bit 'blah" about the whole thing - and that was upsetting in it's self!
Where was the excitement of moving into a brand new house, where was the feeling of accomplishment, the pride in our beautiful new home??  I did try really hard, but that sense of joy was gone, and I really want to get it back!!
So it's all finished now, the garden are established, and now that it is all over, I want to remind myself that our home is gorgeous and that it was all worth it, so I am going to blog about the things in my house that I love and try to fall in love it like I know I should have.
Thanks for stopping by if you do,
Cheers :)

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