Friday, August 13, 2010

Found it!

Found! One kitchen!

So I really really love the stone top - it has shells in it, so really fit in with our theme and it's nice and thick.  Hate the tap mixer though, the number of broken wine glasses we have had on that thing, grrrrr!!
I also am in love with my Kitchenaid - wasn't sure about the green when I bought it.  I loved the green (and still do) but wondered if I'd be trading it in for a white one sometime soon,  but it always looks fresh and gives that splash of colour as they say, to what would otherwsie be a very white kitchen!

Oh and look, more shells, what a surprise lol.  Our three year old found these a few weeks ago and they've been there ever since.


Life in the Country Lane said...

Hi, just wanted to welcome you to the blogging your kitchen and look forward to reading/seeing more about you.
Have a lovely weekend.
Rebecca x

Noosa Beach House said...

Oh thank you so very very much!!